About Us

Hello and Welcome! My name is Kristina, the owner of Chasing Orchids Boutique! I started as a small online shop, mainly through Facebook, and have now stretched to Instagram, Pinterest, and my own website. While still very small in the spectrum of women’s boutiques, I look forward to growing with my customers and making the shopping experience with Chasing Orchids one of a kind. I enjoy working with women in all different places in their lives and making them feel confident, comfortable and down right amazing without breaking the bank.
Chasing Orchids is a one-woman shop, its just me! I have a full time job along with a husband and three kids. I truly have so much passion for Chasing Orchids and I hope you’ll join me in the fun! I love getting to know everyone and if there is any style or item or anything you have in mind you want to see, please reach out! 

Here’s where you can catch me:

Email: info@chasingorchidsboutique.com
IG: @chasingorchidsboutique
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/chasingorchidsboutique/ 
Website: www.chasingorchidsboutique.com